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About Us

Who we are

Located in Roseville, Village is a return to the community general store in a modern and sustainable way. We are your local resource for everyday pantry staples, home cleaning products, DIY ingredients, lifestyle & home goods, vintage, and personal care products - all with your family and the planet in mind. We offer a wide range of carefully selected and sustainably sourced products make eco-friendly living easy and convenient. All of the products we feature in our store are made with intention, sourced responsibly, and carefully selected so you can feel confident in your purchases.  

About the Owner  After becoming overwhelmed with the seemingly unavoidable amount of waste and packaging in her everyday lives, Colleen began to make changes toward a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle in her home. Frustrated with the limited access to package free options locally, Colleen left her corporate job to bring back the traditional concept of the general store this time, with Mother Earth in mind.

Mason Jars
Wooden Toothbrushes
Who we are

Our Products and Services


Over 100 pantry essentials from olive oil and fresh nut butter to chocolate chips and rolled oats. Buy a little or a lot. 


Browse our selection of vintage goods, kids craft supplies, houseplants, and seasonal offerings. 


Plant-based & naturally derived detergents and non-toxic cleaners for every surface of your home. Plus, raw ingredients for DIY


For those items you cannot live without - don't "wishcycle", let us help you recycle them properly with Terracycle and ReCork. 


Refill hair care, body wash, and bubble bath for yourself and baby. We also offer reusable menstrual products and low-waste beauty. 


From clothing exchanges, workshops, and our Free Little Library, we're all about bringing our community together & growing together!  

Our Products and Services



What is zero waste or low waste living?

Zero-waste living means aiming to reduce landfill-bound trash to the bare minimum. It’s about practicing conscious consumerism and implementing a more mindful attitude to the resources we use everyday. We encourage you to read this great synopsis by Kathryn at Going Zero Waste.

I have empty glass jars at home. Will you take them?

We would love to. We accept empty containers with lids that are empty, clean, and dry. If you could go the extra step and take off any labels – that would be awesome! All containers received through our Community Container Reuse Program are sanitized in our commercial sanitizing machine and provided to customers to use for free.

Do you have a list of all of your refill products?

Check back here for a full list of products. Categories to include: spices, baking ingredients, grains, legumes, snacks, nuts & seeds, local honey, nut butter, pastas, home cleaning products, hand sanitizer, hair care, skin care, & dog treats!

Is your store kid friendly?

Absolutely! They’re encouraged to select a book from our free little library and bring it back on their next visit.


I’ve never been to a store like yours before. How does it work? Will someone be around to help me?

Unlike at the bulk section of your traditional grocery store, our store associates are present and ready to help you with all your refilling needs. Check back here for a video tutorial of just how simple it is to refill. In short, refilling takes 3 easy steps:

1) TARE: Weigh your empty container to get the tare and mark the weight on the container.

2) FILL: Fill your container with your favorite product.

3) WEIGH: Once you’ve finished shopping, bring your cart to the checkout station where our store associates will weigh your filled containers, subtract the tare, and you only pay for the weight of the contents.




Can I bring my own container? (BYOC)

Yes! But please follow the following guidelines:
– Containers MUST BE EMPTY / CLEAN / DRY
– Place your containers into a shopping basket.
– Tare (weigh) your empty containers at our weighing station.

We also have 100% post-consumer recycled paper bags for use and reusable glass jars/bottles for purchase (free containers may be available dependent on supply of our Community Container Reuse program)

I’m looking for a product you don’t offer. Is there a chance you might add it to your inventory?

We hope to add to our inventory monthly as we grow! If there’s a product you’re looking for that we do not currently carry, please let us know. It may be a part of our roll out plan or we may add it due to demand. Feel free to provide your suggestion in person, send us a message on our social media, or email



Do you ship?

We do not ship orders. Our focus is on serving our local community and we advocate for shopping local when possible.

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