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Beauty Products & Packaging

Beauty Products & Packaging Zero Waste Box

Beauty Products & Packaging

Use this Zero Waste Box to recycle any brand of empty cosmetic, hair care, or skin care packaging. This includes items such as:

Conditioner bottles and caps
Eye liner pencils (non-wooden) and cases
Eye shadow tubes
Face soap dispensers and tubes
Hair gel tubes and caps
Hair paste plastic jars and caps
Lip balm tubes
Lip gloss tubes
Lotion bottles, tubes, dispensers, and jars
Mascara tubes
Plastic concealer tubes and sticks
Shampoo bottles and caps
Shaving foam tubes (no cans)
Spray bottles and triggers
Do not send in aerosol or pressurized cans, electronic items such as blow dryers and straighteners, perfume bottles, nail polish bottles or removers, wooden eyeliner pencils, any bio-medical, bio-hazardous waste, or partially full and full packaging (tubes, jars and containers) such as nail-polish, lotion, soap or ointments.

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